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Explore the many ways that PGN's professionalism pillar helps our members learn, grow, and explore new career paths.


As a professional development organization with such high achieving members, we attribute our success to the lasting corporate sponsor support we've maintained throughout the years. Our strong relationship with our corporate sponsors lends itself to a valuable exchange of opportunity for both our sponsors and our members. Members can engage with our sponsors by networking at their weekly presentations with our organization or by connecting with sponsors as a member of the Corporate Relations Committee.


The diversity of our members translates to 35+ different majors, and many different career paths. Whether the path be entrepreneurship to engineering or nursing, our organization equips all members to excel in the professional world and push the envelope when it comes to their career goals. Check out where are alumni are now located.

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PGN's Big Brother Program's purpose is to match every new member with an upperclassmen mentor in PGN with similar career aspirations. Throughout your new member semester not only will you establish a great relationship and friendship with older members in the organization, they will help you explore your career path, classes and organizations, as well as work on professional development. Professional development includes resume review, interview preparation, LinkedIn and cover letter creation, as well as an introduction to networking around industries you're interested in. For business majors, this is a great way to get accustomed into the Gies College of Business and for non-business majors, your big brother can help you blend your professional ambitions alongside a career and business.


The relentless giving back mentality of PGN members doesn't just stop at graduation - the Beta Pi chapter is one of the strongest alumni networks of Phi Gamma Nu around the globe. As a new member you will be paired with an alumni mentor that you will be able to network with, introduce you to additional members in the industry, as well as ask questions and get guidance on your professional aspirations. These alumni include successful venture-backed entrepreneurs, seasoned bankers on Wall Street, consulting executives, healthcare professionals, as well as everything in between. This can include fashion designers based in Paris, engineers at SpaceX, and staff of the White House. The reach of PGN alumni is endless and your journey in college is just the beginning.

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